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Whether the long-awaited detached house, multiple dwelling or condominium. With the right mortgage loan or home loan, your dream becomes reality. By the way, you create a stable basis for your retirement provision.

How to finance real estate in Germany

Why us?

You will receive a favourable mortgage loan or home loan that suits you. We compare offers from banks, savings banks, Volksbanks and building societies for you and take KfW promotional programmes, special bank campaigns or regional features into account. Proximity to you is our top priority. You will have a personal contact person who exclusively takes care of your needs.

What does our service cost?

There are no costs for you. The credit institutions will pay us, if we successfully arrange a construction loan for you.

Who are our financing partners?

We work with over 300 lenders, such as banks, savings banks and Volksbanks.

Comparison of mortgage lending in Germany

Your competent contact on site

Interest rates on the capital market are currently as low as seldom: If you want to fulfil your dream of owning your own home, perhaps you should think about building it now. Experts agree that such a low-interest period is by no means to be expected in the coming years. But even if cheap mortgage loan or home loan is tempting and a home of one's own seems to be within reach, mortgage loan or home loan should not be carried out without thought.

Despite favourable building loans

High equity ratio protects against risks

Even though the corresponding loans are currently very cheap to obtain, there are considerable differences. Due to the high financing sums and the long maturities, minor differences in the conditions can be noticeable with several thousand euros. The prerequisite for a solid construction financing is first of all the financing plan: It compares the construction costs or the purchase price with the existing capital and thus determines how high the need for external financing is. Unfortunately, first mistakes are often made here.

With the house purchase renovation costs are underestimated exactly the same as the broker commission or the land acquisition tax. Also a too small own capital funds can provide for a somewhat wobbly financing.

Long fixed-interest periods for building loans pay off

In the search for cheap building loans, in addition to an extensive comparison, a long fixed interest period should be chosen. Interest rates are unlikely to fall lower; if, for example, you are looking for a follow-up loan after 10 years, you will undoubtedly have to take advantage of less favourable offers. Even if a fixed interest period of 20 years ensures that conditions deteriorate and the offer is clearer, the choice should clearly be long-term construction financing.

Cheap financing of the dream house.

Mortgage loan or Home loan comparison is there for you on the spot

If you are looking for a favorable offer, or would like to check your financial situation first, you should come for a consultation with us in Ludwigshafen. We would be happy to bring you a little closer to your dream of owning your own home.


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